Don't let your injury get you down... Feel fashionable in your situation!

************ 🚑 How Fracture Fashionz began 🚑 ************

Fracture Fashionz began in 2014 when my oldest daughter broke her arm in a soccer ⚽ tournament and required surgery. It was cold outside ❄ (well, as cold as it gets in Florida!), and we had gone in-between tournaments that day to the local mall and bought her a sweatshirt. She was defending the goal, but got knocked down by the opposing team. No one could tell that she had broken her arm because of her large sweatshirt. She eventually called me over and calmly said that she couldn't move her arm. We left the game and went to the local hospital where they cut off her sweatshirt and revealed the swollen arm. She had broken her humerus in half! She was transferred by ambulance 🚑 to a hospital closer to home that specialized in pediatrics where she had surgery to put 2 pins in. She spent 3 days in the hospital, and then was sent home with a boring, one-size-fits-all, blood stained, hospital arm sling. It was just days before her 13th birthday 🎂, and she was so depressed about the situation since she had to cancel (postpone) her party. We scoured the internet to find a fashionable arm sling, but could not find any that suited her, so we decided to make our own!

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